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Fish Species: Fishing

Chinook Salmon Fishing Charters Prince Rupert - Black Tide Adventures

Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon often called Springs or Kings, are the undisputed heavy weight champions of the Pacific salmon species. These hard fighting fish will test the angling ability of any fisherman. Their aggressive nature and impressive strength make the Chinook the favorite species for most seasoned anglers. Chinook fishing picks up steam in May and rolls right through August. Some of the best fishing can be early, however, we have been boating more hefty Springs in August each year. Average size of north coast Spring salmon range from 15 - 25 pounds, many fish exceed 30 pounds and a number of fish over 50 are landed each season. 

Coho Salmon Fishing Charters Prince Rupert - Black Tide Adventures

Northern Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are acrobatic, aggressive and numerous. Coho fishing can be fast and furious. Though generally smaller than Chinook these silver beauties give an excellent account of themselves and make fantastic table fair. Coho make an appearance mid to late June and run through October. Early season the Coho range from 5 - 7 pounds gaining as each week goes by to an average of 12 - 15 by seasons end. 

Halibut Fishing Charters Prince Rupert - Black Tide Adventures

Halibut and Bottom Fish

Halibut fishing on the north coast is fantastic. Stocks are healthy and opportunities are plentiful. In the past few seasons it seems there are more and more of these giants. Halibut is a culinary delight, this versatile, delicious white fish is the favorite of many. We encounter fish toward the top of the limit (80 pounds) almost daily. Every year we release fish from 150 - 200+ pounds. These giants fight hard and are the main bottom fish target for most anglers. Lingcod populations are also strong, and Rockfish. Rockfish populations are susceptible to over fishing, ethics are a must. 

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